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Learn how to compete, and even sell better, than Amazon in this comprehensive eCommerce marketing book exploring topics that will transform your business.

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  • How to Sell Better Than Amazon
  • Persona-Driven Marketing
  • The Unit Economics of The eCommerce Marketing Funnel
  • Optimizing Product Detail Pages
  • eCommerce Blogging and SEO
  • eCommerce Marketing Using Facebook
  • eCommerce Marketing on Twitter
  • Managing Other Social Media Networks and Online Reviews
  • eCommerce Email Marketing
  • Experimental eCommerce Marketing & Analytics
  • Inbound Campaign Marketing for eCommerce


How To Sell Better Than Amazon


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Discover How To Sell Better Than Amazon

Adopt Persona Driven Marketing

Discover how to create and utilize buyer personas attract the types of visitors, leads, customers who drive long time return for your eCommerce business.

We explore how to:

  • Create macro and micro personas
  • Actualize psychographic information
  • Unobtrusive progressive profiling development

Optimize for Search Engine Conversions

Well designed product detail pages often become the most important focus to marketers and can very likely take top priority for optimization.

We explore how to:

  • Improve On-Page SEO in 10 Steps
  • Create conversion focused design and structure
  • Utilize consumer centric psychology

Build a Content Marketing Strategy

Content creation is the linchpin for driving “organic” traffic from search engines. Of the many factors affecting organic traffic, blogging is one of the most critical.

We explore how to:

  • Become a business blogging pro
  • Develop problem-oriented optimization strategies
  • Turning visitors into leads

Improve Marketing on Social Media

Correctly implementing practical marketing applications in social media can provide outstanding benefits that really draw an audience.

We explore how to:

  • Harness the power of social media communities
  • Create enthusiast vertical accounts
  • Run successful contests


Implement Analytics and Unit Economics

Before marketing operations can be planned, you must first define your existing business funnel and identify the points at which marketing can apply leverage.

We explore how to:

  • Define marketing funnel through "TLC"
  • Use analytics to choose content offers
  • Express COCA:LTV ratios for individual buyer personas

Execute E-mail Marketing

Influencing the lifetime-value economics is commonly considered a function of sales and pricing but actually plays an important role through e-mail marketing.

We explore how to:

  • Prepare database for email marketing
  • Utilize behavior driven segmentation
  • Recover potentially lost sales with abandon-cart email marketing

Excel at Experimental Marketing

“Experimental marketing” refers to how marketers can—and should—design, test, and refine new-buyer personas that keep up with on-going consumer interest.

We explore how to:

  • Be tactical in experimental testing
  • Improve landing page and call to action conversion and click-through rates
  • Run social and email experiments


Win with Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Marketing activities like e-mail marketing, social media, and content marketing are essential to overall success, but must be orchestrated together for maximum return.

We explore how to:

  • Generate SMART goals to generate more traffic, prospects and sales
  • Develop actionable, measureable plans
  • Execute inbound marketing campaigns