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What Will You Learn?

  • What is an eCommerce blog and why you need one
  • How to master eCommerce blogging best practices 
  • When and how to use odd and unusual content to grow readership
  • Build credibility and inbound links with guest blogging

There are very few things can be said with absolute certainty; one of them, however, is that it is difficult to be successful—almost impossible to be successful—at inbound eCommerce without blogging. Blogging in content creation is the linchpin for driving “organic” traffic from search engines. Of the many factors affecting organic traffic, blogging is one of the most critical to master. Since organic traffic frequently has the lowest cost of customer acquisition, it is inherently some of the most valuable. The strongest signals for a search engine to determine the relevance of the website domain or specific page to a keyword query is the freshness, frequency, and relevance of content being created on the target domain. There simply isn’t an easier or more effective way of creating a high velocity of quality keyword-relevant content than blogging.

Inbound Commerce: How To Sell Better Than Amazon teaches all you need to know to master content creation with blogging.



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