Chapter 1: How to Sell Better Than Amazon
Chapter 2: Persona-Driven Marketing
Chapter 3: Unit Economics of eCommerce Marketing Funnel
Chapter 4: Optimizing Product Detail Pages
Chapter 5: Blogging and SEO
Chapter 6: eCommerce Marketing Using Facebook
Chapter 7: eCommerce Marketing on Twitter
Chapter 8: Managing Other Social Media Networks & Reviews
Chapter 9: eCommerce Email Marketing
Chapter 10: Experimental eCommerce Marketing & Analytics
Chapter 11: Inbound Campaign Marketing for eCommerce



"How To Sell Better Than Amazon" explores the eCommerce applications of inbound marketing, a methodology of marketing that focuses on using content and engagement to create marketing that people love - and therefore want to receive.  

Learn how to avoid a price war by focusing on the research phases of the consumer buying cycle, and how to model an eCommerce business to focus on increasing the life time value of customers through persona targeted marketing campaigns.

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