Excel at eCommerce Experimental Marketing

What Will You Learn?

  • Intelligent and tactical experimentation and testing
  • How to improve landing page and call to action conversion rates
  • Social media and Email marketing experiments to implement
  • Learn how to slice and dice your data to increase sales

Because attraction-based inbound marketing is not, nor will it ever be, a laser-targeted and perfect science, you’ll always be attracting traffic to your site and converting nontransactional leads that aren’t your intended buyer persona. Instead of ignoring these leads entirely or—worse—overinvesting in creating content that attracts and messaging that influences these personas, you should silo them into individual experiments where you analyze the unit economics that are unique to them. For example, there may be traffic that you’re getting right now that, if you invested more in creating content to attract them, would have better unit economics and make for better customers. It’s also entirely possible that they’d be a worse business, either by having a higher cost-of-customer acquisition or by having a lower LTV.

Inbound Commerce: How To Sell Better Than Amazon teaches you how to better understand data to create smart, tactical experiments that garner the best results for your time.



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