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eCommerce Buyer Persona Marketing

What Will You Learn?

  • Discover the importance persona-driven marketing
  • Understand how to develop effective macro and micro buyer personas
  • How to leverage exclusionary peronas for effective content marketing
  • Learn how to execute experimental buyer-persona marketing

Although it may sound strange, developing entire fictional characters with distinct behavior patterns, values, pain points, budgets, and even skill levels can prove a significant help in segmenting your market and targeting the types of visitors, leads, and customers that will best increase your website’s economic output. Personas developed by B2B marketing teams almost universally include a job title, demographics, and education level for the purpose of improving customer-focused marketing efforts and support. Personas are incredibly underutilized in eCommerce marketing, despite their prevalence in the B2B marketing realm. It may seem odd to carefully craft fictitious clients with names and backstories, but defining these characters and their attributes will help identify valuable types of visitors and customers and enable you to coordinate the efforts of the various parts of your company in extracting maximum value.

Inbound Commerce: How To Sell Better Than Amazon goes into great detail on how to craft and use buyer personas for optimal eCommerce marketing success.




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