How to Do eCommerce Blogging Using Targeted Keywords

by Sam Mallikarjunan


June 6, 2013 at 7:38 AM

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One of the greatest challenges that most marketers have to overcome is discovering and implementing the topics and titles that drive high velocity keyword relevant blog content. The first step to writing an effective blog article is selecting the keyword or keyword phrase around which the blog article is intended to drive traffic.  This keyword or keyword phrase should be relevant to the business or industry while also providing the business an opportunity to rank higher in organic search results.  

Analyze your website for keyword search ranking placements using analytic tools.  Good keyword analytic tools should, at a minimum, show a business where they are currently ranking for a keyword and the associated traffic that the keyword or phrase is driving.  Proper use of an analytic tool will help define and put structure to keyword optimization. 

Avoid focusing blog articles on keyword phrases that they are already are ranking very highly – unless there is a strong need to protect the ranking achieved. Instead focus on keywords that are not in the top 10 search result spots but are ranking in the top 100.  This can be an effective discovery tool to develop a keyword list to derive relevant and opportunistic keyword topics.  

Also avoid targeting keywords with an extremely high level of difficulty.  A high level of difficulty is determined by the current ranking of a keyword, the competition for that keyword and the search traffic associated.

For example, this blog article is optimized to drive traffic for "eCommerce Blogging", "eCommerce keywords", "blogging keywords", as well as the long-tail phrase "How to do eCommerce blogging". And yes, this paragraph is a cheap SEO ploy wrapped in conclusion paragraph. Don't judge me.

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