5 Ways To Sell Your Mom Online

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September 7, 2011 at 9:22 AM

Your mama’s so big, she represents $2.1 trillion in market revenue. Okay, so it’s not just your mother; it’s the collective American mom who’s doing some heavy spending. It’s a giant market, and savvy advertisers will do well to target this population, as they have already been trying to do for ages. But with the ever-increasing popularity and accessibility of the Internet, the rules have changed. The trick is to figure out how to use this fact to your advantage, as American moms tend to be particularly active on smartphones, using websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and are likely to pass along tips when they see something they perceive to be a good deal.  Speaking of tips, here are 5 ways for you to effectively sell  to the mom's  -- minus the bad yo' mama jokes.

1.  Coupons and discounts. Some moms are breadwinners, some are budget writers, and many are both. As such, they tend to keep an eye out for deals and steals. When asked in a survey what kind of internet ad is the best, 67% of moms in the US responded that they preferred ads that offered discounts over all other types of ads. It’s a sure way to make sure your ad not only gets noticed, but gets clicked on as well. This goes for web banners as well as mobile ads.

2.  Catchy, attractive banners. Women love good packaging. Sell wine in a wine shop for a day, and you’ll notice that along with price, the top factor women take into consideration is how good the bottle looks. Although being a mother tends to make you more wary of simple tricks, moms are no exception to the packaging rule, and there’s still a lot of wooing to be done with sleek, attractive designs. Pay close attention to the aesthetic appeal of your advertisements.

3.  The social network. If one mom finds your product and likes what she sees, she’s bound to Tweet about it or re-post it on her Facebook page. Though old-fashioned word-of-mouth might see better conversion rates, social media sharing casts a wider net, and allows potential customers immediate, direct access to your website. So make sure those handy little re-post links are present on your product pages and standing at the ready!

4.  Smart ads, smartphone. Fifty-nine percent of all moms have smartphones, which is a high percentage, especially when you compare that to the portion of US cell phone subscribers with smartphones (31%). This means that compared to the average mobile user, moms tend to be more linked-in and up-to-date. So if you want to get through to moms, take advantage of this fact and think smart: apps, mobile banners, and WAP sites.

5.  Right ad for the right app. Moms have certain priorities when it comes to downloading and using apps. They tend to play entertaining games, use social apps like Facebook and Twitter, check the weather, listen to music, or check out apps related to shopping and health. Your ads and banners will do better in these types of apps than in apps less frequently used by moms, such as those having to do with finance, travel, sports, and business. Choosing the right kind of app is the most successful way to market your product to your mama.


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